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Transforming Connectivity on Guam!

Your Gateway to Tomorrow’s Internet         

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Initial Proposal Volume 1, marking a significant milestone in Guam's journey toward universal digital access. This comprehensive strategy lays the foundation for a connected future where high-speed internet becomes a reality for every resident.

Vision in Action:     
With meticulous planning and community input, we’re steering towards a future where location and economic standing do not dictate digital access. From rural areas to urban centers, our goal is Connectivity for All-expanding opportunities island-wide.

Explore the Plan:     
Delve into our proposal and see the detailed blueprint for progress-crafted for inclusivity, aiming for excellence.


Read the Initial Proposal Volume 1

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By charting a new course for a digitally inclusive future, Guam's five-year action plan embarks on an ambitious journey to revolutionize its internet landscape, with the promise of swift, accessible, free and affordable connectivity for every Guam resident. 


In just a few years, Guam aims to redefine its digital future by resolving latency, amplifying speeds, and guaranteeing affordable internet for all. 


Universal Access:

We're pushing boundaries with the ambitious target of free internet, ensuring digital inclusion for every resident.


Innovative Data Center:

By building a state-of-the-art data center, Guam is set to become a hub for global content providers, addressing latency and boosting the economy.


Closing the Digital Gap:

Our strategy is laser-focused on connecting every nook of Guam to top-tier broadband.


Tech Partnerships:

By teaming up with Carriers, the University of Guam, the Guam Community College, Utilities, and other industry experts, we will leverage the latest tech to refine our infrastructure and ramp up speeds.


True Affordability:

Beyond universal access, we're working with providers and launching support programs to make the internet even more affordable for those in need.


Creating jobs:

Our focus is also on upskilling – through partnerships, training, and education, we're prepping our workforce to lead and maintain our digital transformation.


Guam's strategic plan for the next five years described above, focuses on delivering affordable and accessible internet to every resident. By investing in advanced infrastructure such as a state-of-the-art Data Center and initiating broad-reaching internet access programs, we aim to enhance connectivity, reduce latency, and foster economic growth. This commitment ensures that every individual, regardless of their economic background, will have the opportunity to benefit from reliable and high-speed internet services. We welcome conversations with all who support or have questions about our vision. Si Yu'os ma'åse' para todus hamyo! Biba internet for all! Biba Guam!